SafePlay Custom Design Service

Safe Play Australia is able to meet Customer requirements by having the design, manufacturing capacity, and installation experience to complete projects on time, on budget, and to our Client’s total satisfaction.

Forpark Australia’s manufacturing facility in Perth includes state of the art C.N.C controlled machinery that interfaces directly with our CADD design package. This means that the play equipment delivered matches exactly that of the coloured 3D design proposals presented with our submissions.

Virtually all aspects of Forpark's manufacturing are housed under the one roof ensuring continuity in production and minimising the possibilities of transit damage and contamination.

SafePlay offer clients an unlimited variety of designs that will cater for all sections of the community including disabled, young children and toddlers, teenagers, challenge structures for adults, and imaginative structures. In order to assist purchasers make the right choice of play structures, swings, slides etc. we offer a free design and consultation service.

SafePlay assist clients select appropriate play equipment to suit the nominated age group and site and also offer advice on associated services ie Site Preparation, Playground Edging, Playground Undersurfacing, Rubber Safety Surfacing, Shade and Fencing as part of our playground proposals.

Step 1

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Our design consultants will meet with you on site wherever possible to discuss the aim of your
project. When we have established the age groups of children to be using the equipment,
the environmental factors, any limitations in the designated area and your proposed budget
we will design a structure to meet your needs, incorporating any of your own ideas into the design.

Step 2

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These designs will then be drawn on our CAD program to ensure that they are dimensionally
correct and fit into the proposed area. The overall area for soft-fall surfacing will also be shown.

Step 3

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We will also provide you with a 3D graphic image of your design to enable you to visualise the
completed project. These images can also be a useful tool in boosting your fundraising
program by giving everyone a visible goal to work towards. Should you wish to make any
changes to the initial design once you have recieved it, we can provide these alterations
quickly and easily.

Step 4

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Once the completed play structure has been installed it will provide an ongoing
source of enjoyment for children for many years to come.

It is our responsibility as designers to select the most appropriate and imaginative combination of play elements to suit a number of parameters. A significant design cue relates to the physical characteristics of the site balanced with the available budget. Interesting sites demand interesting play solutions.

Feedback at each stage greatly assists our team to tailor design solutions, which will be
innovative, functional and cost effective.

Achieving ownership and support for the project is an important objective.

In order to achieve the level of community consultation required within the time frames and
budgets we suggest that the community be kept informed and involved by the nominated representative. SafePlay offer on-going technical and design support for the duration of the consultation process.


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To ensure that our playgrounds meet the constantly growing expectations of our Customers, we will, where appropriate, call in the expertise of artists and other creative collaborators. SafePlay have had great success incorporating handcrafted ‘chain-saw’ sculptures, themed artwork panels and murals, musical elements and sculptured rubber surfacing into our playground designs.


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Crucial to the methodology is the understanding and appreciation of the site and the requirements
of community and various stakeholders. Early stages focus on becoming familiar with the site and
developing innovative and appropriate themes and preliminary sketch plans to communicate initial

SafePlay can assist in the selection of lead-free polyester powder coat colours including soft
environmental shades and stronger heritage colours appropriate for a natural theme. We are
also able to manufacture panels that incorporate artwork or are representative of a chosen bird,
animal, amphibian, sport, and cultural or local theme.

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