Safe Play People

Safe Play Management Team

Kent Applegate - Director / Sales Manager

Glen Thawley – Sales & Design Consultant

Kelly Hamilton – Sales & Design Consultant

Sue Lohman – Design & Sales Support

Michelle Applegate – Administration Manager & Level 3 Playground Inspector

Kent Applegate, Director / Sales Manager

Kent has over a decade of experience designing and selling playground equipment for councils and developers all over Australia.  With four kids of his own, Kent understands play, appreciates the benefits of providing risk taking experience to children of all developmental stages, and consistently thinks outside the box to deliver results unique to the project.

Kent will consistently deliver on his promises and work with the project team to ensure that you are always happy with the outcomes delivered. The dad jokes and laughter are a free added bonus!

Glen Thawley, Sales & Design Consultant

Glen's friendly, can-do attitude combined with his Bachelor of Physical Education makes him the Principal's and Project Lead's best friend.  Having worked in a variety of fitness training and management roles in New Zealand and Australia, Glen brought his innovative design style to Safe Play after spending five years designing gym and fitness facilities with state-of-the-art equipment throughout Australia.

As our team's in-house running coach, Glen keeps all of us and his projects moving fast and with great outcomes.     

Kelly Hamilton, Sales & Design Consultant

Kelly brings a great sense of humour and a strong sales history to the team. New to the industry and with an ability to absorb information quickly, Kelly has hit the ground running and is already designing amazing play spaces that offer both play and developmental value to the children.

Kelly's advocacy for children and ability to build rapport makes her a brilliant asset in stakeholder consultations.

Sue Lohman, Design & Sales Support

Sue has a Business College Diploma in Office Administration and is experienced in all aspects of office management. Sue's design strengths and staff training skills are immeasurable and without her we'd probably still be hand drawing our presentations! She assists our team in the preparation of CAD drawings for presentation, reviewing compliance to the standards and all with the patience of a saint. 

Sue combines creative design skills and knowledge of play equipment and materials to produce considered concept plans and documentation using our CAD programme. The team certainly benefits from Sue’s valuable skill set.

Michelle Applegate, Administration Manager and Level 3 Playground Inspector

Michelle is a Level 3 Playground Inspector and is 'the Donna' of our team - the Suits vs West Wing debate is ongoing. Her background of auditing and accreditation compliance ensures our systems are strong, always improving and running smoothly. She oversees all aspects of Safe Play's operations, administration and finances.

Michelle is the main point of contact for matters relating to playground audits, accounts and finances.

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