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SafePlay provide a range of shade solutions for a variety of applications including playgrounds, schools, walkways, basketball courts, commercial applications and other public open space areas.

SafePlay shade structures and sails are engineer certified and manufactured from galvanised steel tubing, which can be powder-coated to your choice of colour. A wide range of shade fabrics is available, offering protection against harmful UV rays.

There is no type of shade that is perfectly suited to all situations. The best type is designed for the specific purpose and situation.  Shade needs to provide protective shade during summer while maintaining a cool temperature and be comfortably warm during the cooler months.  All types of materials used in shade construction have particular benefits and weaknesses. No shade material is suited to every situation, and often a combination of materials is the best solution.


Vegetation can provide protective shade but its effectiveness depends on the density of the foliage.  Trees and other plants possess many qualities that enhance outdoor spaces.  Vegetation offers seasonal variations in colour and sounds and it provides habitats for wildlife.  Plants and structure can complement each other.  Structures can provide overhead UV protection while the vegetation can provide a windbreak in winter or channel cooling breezes in summer.


Tension membrane structures are spectacular looking shade structures that can be used to create shade and enhance the visual appearance and aesthetics of an outdoor area.  When using these structures the following points should be considered:

•  UV protection and life span of fabrics (solid or woven) are directly proportional to their cost.

•  Structural efficiency is directly related to the degree of curvature in the fabric.  The fabric resists wind load exerted upon it by a combination of tension and curvature.

•  The extent of curvature of a fabric structure relates to where its corresponding shade will fall.  Direct UV can be blocked to the target shaded area if orientation is carefully calculated with regard to sun angles at the prescribed time.

SafePlay offers a range of Hip & Ridge - Framed Structures and Shade Sails.  The framed structures are free-standing steel units, generally square or rectangular. Larger structures can be created by connecting multiple structures together.  Shade Structures offer high shade economy over playgrounds.  Shade Sails are designed to suit specific needs and typically comprise shade cloth stretched between free-standing anchor points.

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