Specialist School Design Considerations

Specialist School Design Considerations

Safe Play Australia has been supplying FORPARK AUSTRALIA play equipment and outdoor furniture to Specialist Schools across Victoria since 1993. Our consultants can design spaces suitable for primary, secondary students or a combination of these age groups, with a range of activities aimed at specific needs and requirements.

Specialist School students needs range across intellectual, physical and/or emotional development activities. When planning or designing a space for specialist students, it is important to understand the varying levels of students abilities in order to tailor the most appropriate space and activities to assist students development.

Special consideration when selecting activities is required due to the students diverse learning challenges or abilities. These activities may include social interaction/inclusion, ease of access, sensory experience, motor skill and physical development.

Students should be encouraged to participate in play activities that are both stimulating and challenging within a safe environment. Play activities that aid in developing children's upper and lower body strength, cross patterning skills, balance and general coordination as well as imaginative play, social interaction and inclusion can be easily incorporated in most playground designs.

A well-planned play area can be effective in motivating the children to actively participate in outdoor play - because it's fun.

Key considerations when planning a Specialist School playground include:

  • Students requirements / needs
  • Available area
  • Budget
  • Age group
  • Safety Under-surfacing
  • Maintenance
  • Australian Standards
  • Department of Education Guidelines
  • Shade
  • Student/teacher/parent consultation.

We can assist you in all of these areas when assessing a Specialist School’s playground requirements.

SafePlay understand that school playgrounds are important. We have the knowledge and experience to design play areas to suit the children's age and physical development and to fit in to schools budget and landscape requirements. SafePlay offer a free design service and with our sound knowledge of Australian Standards and education department guidelines, we ensure that school playground equipment is adventurous and challenging, yet safe, practical, functional and fun.

Most importantly, a school playground should be effective in motivating children to actively participate in outdoor play – because it's fun.

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