Matrix 2

Climb it! Will you take up the challenge of climbing the rock wall and arched nets or crawl through the rubber mats and rope tunnel? The Matrix will challenge your strength, balance, coordination and agility.

Product Code: FS79
Age Range: 5-12 Years
Max Fall Height: 2500mm
Minimum Fall Zone: 61.7m2
Equipment Size: 6000mm x 6050mm
Max Equipment Height: 2500mm
Play spaces: Parks, schools, commercial

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Matrix 2

This exciting piece of play equipment provides a range of non-structured play opportunities for children all ages. The wide net sections provide ample room for children to perch and survey their surrounds while the vertical rock wall and angled nets provide graduated levels of physical challenge.

The Orbit Matrix features anodised marine grade aluminium uprights. The nets are manufactured from steel-reinforced nylon braided rope secured with glass-reinforced injection-moulded nylon fittings. The Rock Wall is a solid 8mm thick powder coated aluminium plate and the “trampoline” pads are 10mm fibre-reinforced insertion rubber. The combination of these materials creates a very durable and long-lasting product.

Manufactured by Australia’s largest Playground Company, FORPARK AUSTRALIA, our equipment is designed to comply with Australian Standards and is built to last using powder coated uprights, platforms, and components. The fittings are manufactured from various materials including powder coated galvanised steel, roto-moulded plastics, and rope items which are wrapped in a fire-resistant nylon braid.

Made in Australia.

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