Commercial Playgrounds

Thorough planning, sound design, and quality materials are all key to a successful public open space. Safe Play Australia has worked with councils, landscape architects and developers throughout Victoria to create some outstanding play environments. Since 1993 Safe Play Australia has been bringing together quality play equipment, fitness equipment, outdoor furniture, custom art-play pieces, and innovative Science Park equipment to create public open spaces that cater for a diverse range of users and add genuine value to local communities. Our designers bring over 70 years combined experience to the planning process and have the ability to document and illustrate their work in 2D and 3D electronic and hard copy formats. Play and recreation are vital components in a child’s development. Similarly, fitness and well-being are critical to maintaining one’s health throughout adult life. By offering such a diverse range of play, recreation, and fitness equipment options, Safe Play Australia is well-placed to provide a “One Stop” design, supply and construct service.

When undertaking a public open space design project, our designers will consider:
• Available area, natural features, contours
• Budget – equipment and associated works
• Age groups of intended users
• Safety Under-surfacing requirements
• Access requirements
• Australian Standards
• Shade
• Public amenities
• Maintenance

Quality materials such as stainless steel aluminium, glass-reinforced nylon, rotational-moulded polyethylene, steel reinforced nylon braid, and powder coated galvanised steel are employed throughout our product range giving you the peace of mind knowing and the reassurance that what has been planned, designed, and constructed will remain that way for many years into the future. Safe Play understand that public open spaces require durable and innovative equipment options combined with sound design principles that focus on the enjoyment of children and adults alike

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