Design and Build

The Safe Play design process.

Your vision, our design.

We are not just sales people, we are also skilled playground designers. We have a wealth of experience in the industry and can ask the right questions to understand your vision and bring it to life. We will work with you closely to identify your specific needs, preferences, and any constraints that may impact the design process, and then can provide guidance and advice on various design options, materials, and other elements to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

We work with you.

Once we have a clear understanding of your vision, we will create a comprehensive plan that outlines the design concept, timeline, and budget. Throughout the design process, we will communicate with you regularly to ensure that you are satisfied with the progress and any changes made along the way. We understand that every project is unique and will work with you to ensure that the final product is customized to your needs and preferences. We look forward to taking your dreams, ideas and plans and making them a stunning reality.

Australian made, quality guaranteed.

Our equipment is manufactured by Forpark Australia, the largest play equipment manufacturer in Australia. So we ensure that it is compliant to AS:4685:2021, the materials are suitable for the harsh Australian climate, and backed by industry leading warranties and support.

Features of a Safe Play playground.

Safe playgrounds are created with a combination of components in mind. We consider all of these factors in every project that we complete.

Hover over the Safe Play kids in the below image to find out about each of these elements.

  • Sustainable Materials
    Sustainable materials that are good for the environment and longevity of the equipment. Aluminium uprights don't corrode and rust like steel.
  • Australian Plastics
    Plastics that are made in our factory that are UV protected to last in the harsh Australian conditions.
  • Commercial Ropes
    Our ropes have 6 strands of galvanised wire at their core, wrapped in polypropylene and nylon for comfort and UV resistance - serious stuff!
  • Barrier Rails
    Compliant barrier rails are included wherever they are needed to ensure safety - we only want kids to jump from appropriate places!
  • Timber Elements
    Wherever possible we reduce timber use as it can be difficult to maintain. When we do us it we ensure that it is sustainably grown and harvested hardwood which is suitable for Australian conditions.
  • Visibility
    We include transparency wherever possible so that kids can see the world around them, parents can see their kids, and asset owners can see through to spot maintenance issues and to reduce inappropriate behaviour.
  • Play Panels
    These panels create opportunities to learn or have fun in different ways - adding play elements anywhere we can is important to keep kids interested, especially in school play areas.
  • Soft Fall
    Most playgrounds require soft fall surfacing, we can use loose materials like sand or mulch, or unitary surfaces like rubber or synthetic grass. Each option has positives and negatives. Which one is the most suitable for your project? Ask us.
  • Overhead Elements
    Monkey bars are more than just fun, they increase strength, self esteem and can even improve hand writing and concentration! Ask us more.
  • Compliance
    All of our playgrounds are created with compliance in mind. AS:4685-2021 sets out specific guidelines that we follow in every design and consider in every installation.
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