Manor Lakes – Reserve 197

We were approached by a Landscape Architect to build a big structure that will attract the attention of the community from the street.  Manor Lakes – Reserve 197 in Wyndham City Council will be an impressive addition to the community!

The multi-level structure consists of;

  • Timber Panels: These will add a natural and visually appealing element to the structure, blending well with the surrounding environment.
  • Sensory and Imaginative Panels: Placing these panels under platforms will encourage creative play and stimulate children’s senses, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Multiple Rope Climbers: Incorporating multiple rope climbers will provide opportunities for children to develop their upper body strength and coordination while having fun climbing.
  • Double Racer Slide: The inclusion of a double racer slide will add an element of excitement and friendly competition, allowing children to race each other down the slide.
  • Spiral Tunnel Slide: Featuring a spiral tunnel slide will offer children a thrilling and unique sliding experience, adding variety to their play options.
  • Steel Roofs: Installing steel roofs will provide essential shade, ensuring that children can play comfortably even during sunny days, while also adding to the aesthetic appeal of the structure.
  • Rubber Undersurfacing: Setting the structure on rubber undersurfacing will enhance safety by providing cushioning in case of falls, creating a safe and enjoyable play environment for children.


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Manor Lakes – Reserve 197 in Wyndham City Council is going to be quite exciting and eye-catching!

Here’s a breakdown of the proposed features for the multi-level structure:  Timber Panels, Sensory and Imaginative Panels, Multiple Rope Climbers, Double Racer Slide, Spiral Tunnel Slide, Steel Roofs, Rubber Under-surfacing.

Overall, this multi-level structure with its diverse range of features is sure to capture the attention of the community and provide an engaging and enjoyable play experience for children of all ages.

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