Kath Roberts Reserve, Beaconsfield

The Kath Roberts Reserve, Beaconsfield, located within the Cardinia Shire Council, sounds like a fantastic park that caters to both older and younger children. The addition of a double cube with an extra top net connecting them provides a unique and challenging play structure for older kids to enjoy. This type of structure encourages climbing, balancing, and imaginative play, making it an ideal spot for older children to hang out and socialize.

Additionally, the inclusion of a 2 bay post with swing-a-way, carousel, jitterbug, monkey bar combination unit and slide offers a variety of play experiences for children of different ages and interests. The 2 bay post swing with basket, strap and toddler seats provides an opportunity for children to swing together, promoting social interaction and teamwork. The carousel offers a thrilling spinning experience, while the jitterbug provides a fun rocking motion. The wave slide adds an element of excitement and adventure, allowing children to zoom down and experience a sense of exhilaration.

By matching the colors to a nearby basketball tower, the park achieves visual harmony and integration with its surroundings, creating a cohesive and inviting environment for play and recreation. Overall, the Kath Roberts Reserve sounds like a well-designed and thoughtfully planned park that will surely be loved by both the client and the children who visit it.


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Kath Roberts Reserve, Beaconsfield

  • Double cube with top net for climbing
  • 2 Bay swing with basket, strap and toddlers seats for social play
  • Carousel and Jitterbug for spinning and rocking.
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