4 exciting levels to conquer in this tall playground. Rock Climbing Walls and a Wave ladder to access the platforms. It also features a long Tunnel Slide and a Wave slide as well as playground favourites, the Monkey Bars.

Age Range: Mixed
Max Fall Height: 2400mm
Minimum Fall Zone: 72.4m2
Equipment Size: 9070mm x 5160mm

All of our playground structures can be customised by changing the colours or adding components, freestanding items or fitness equipment to meet your play space size or budget.

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Our brand new range. Traditional play equipment taken to the next level.

Catering for the developing needs of all children, SafePlay playgrounds offer a diverse range of active and passive play choices.

Providing a balanced array of activities is paramount when catering for children. Their diverse range of physical abilities demands that equipment be capable of allowing children to extend their skills. The inclusion of passive play zones and areas where adults can interact is also important.

Keeping playgrounds interesting and fun for older children can be a significant challenge. By including a range of play activities with graduated levels of physical challenge as well as spaces for socialising or just hanging out, older children have the increased incentive for play and social interaction.

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