A tall Elevate structure is a great statement piece for any playground. This one boasts 7 levels for children to scale to get to the top of the towers and then across the challenging Tunnel Web to get from one tower to the other. For the climbers, there are 3 Rock Walls and 2 Web Walls. And for the little ones who don’t want to climb, there is a cubby under the structure with an Abacus, Slat Counter and Squeeze Panel. Then we added 2 playground favourites, a Fire Pole and a Curved Slide.

Age Range: Mixed
Max Fall Height: 1900mm
Minimum Fall Zone: 47.9m2
Equipment Size: 5650mm x 3030mm

All of our playground structures can be customised by changing the colours or adding components, freestanding items or fitness equipment to meet your play space size or budget.

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