AB Shaw Reserve, Laverton

AB Shaw Reserve in Laverton has recently received an exciting upgrade, thanks to Hobsons Bay City Council! The new additions include a massive double flying fox and a gigantic whirl wind.

The double flying fox is an amazing 30 meters long, and comes equipped with one all-abilities seat and one pommel seat. The rubber paths leading to each seat make it easily accessible for all. Children can soar through the air and experience the thrill of speed and wind rushing through their hair. This flying fox provides an opportunity for children to develop their gross motor skills, as they climb and grip the ropes while developing their balance and coordination.

The whirlwind is equally thrilling, with a basket swing that has three giant legs that spin and sway all over the place. It is an excellent way for children to enjoy the sensation of flying, while also developing their balance and coordination skills. Swinging is known to be beneficial for children’s physical development, as it helps to improve their spatial awareness, strength, and endurance.

These new additions to AB Shaw Reserve provide children with opportunities for active outdoor play, socialization, and the development of gross motor skills. They encourage children to engage in physical activity, which can have a positive impact on their overall health and wellbeing. Additionally, they provide an inclusive play environment for children of all abilities, ensuring that everyone can join in on the fun.

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AB Shaw Reserve, Laverton

  • AB Shaw Reserve in Laverton got a new double flying fox and whirl wind
  • The double flying fox is 30 meters long and has an all abilities seat and a pommel seat
  • Rubber paths lead to each seat to make it easily accessible for all
  • The whirl wind is a basket swing with 3 giant legs that moves all over the place
  • These new additions provide a fun and exciting way for children and families to enjoy outdoor play and physical activity
  • The equipment encourages socialization, cooperation, and helps to develop cognitive and motor skills
  • Accessible equipment allows children of all abilities to participate in outdoor play and experience the benefits of physical activity
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