Alamanda College, Point Cook

Get ready for an adventure like no other at Alamanda College, Point Cook in Wyndham City Council!

The first play structure is packed with exciting features like a slide, crescent climber, commando climber, fire pole and much more that will keep kids entertained for hours. This playground is the ultimate destination for kids who love to climb, slide, and explore.

Second play structure has the monkey bars – perfect for testing your upper body strength and swinging from bar to bar like a monkey in the jungle. Next, we have the pommel climber and inclined congo net, which challenge kids to navigate their way through a series of obstacles and test their agility.

If that’s not enough of a challenge, kids can tackle the double rung climber and rock wall, which provide a vertical challenge that is sure to get their heart pumping. They can even take on the rock peak for an extra dose of excitement.

But it’s not just about physical activity. The steering wheel panel and observation panel allow kids to let their imaginations run wild and pretend they’re driving a ship or soaring through the sky. And let’s not forget about the wave slide – a thrilling ride that sends kids zooming down a winding path to the ground.

The roll over bars are perfect for practicing balance and coordination, and they’re a great place for kids to hang out and chat with friends. The playground’s colours – Silver Uprights, Blue Plastics and Rope with Orange steel – create a vibrant and eye-catching atmosphere that will get kids excited to play.

But the benefits of play go far beyond just having fun. Playgrounds like the Essentials Play Structure at Alamanda College provide kids with opportunities to build their physical skills, improve their coordination, and develop their social skills as they interact with other kids. Plus, playing outdoors is great for mental health and can help reduce stress and anxiety.

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Alamanda College, Point Cook

  • The playgrounds have monkey bars, pommel climber, inclined congo net, double rung climber, rock wall, steering wheel panel, observation panel, and a wave slide.
  • There are also roll over bars and a rock peak located slightly away from the playground.
  • Playgrounds are designed to be super fun and exciting, providing kids with opportunities to climb, slide, and explore.  It also offers benefits of play, including building physical skills, improving coordination, developing social skills, and promoting mental health.
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