Altona Green Primary School

Altona Green Primary School‘s in Hobson Bay City Council new playground is a sight to behold! The giant Matrix climbing structure is a standout feature, as are the two huge tube slides – one spiral and one straight – that are sure to thrill even the most daring of kids. For those who prefer a gentler ride, there’s also an open smaller slide to enjoy.

But the playground is more than just slides and climbing structures. There are orbs, arched monkey bars, a giant tube net climber, arched bridges, and pommel walkers to explore. For those who love sensory play, there are even musical drums to experiment with.

The playground also has plenty of interactive panels, including telescope panels, shop front panels, and squeeze panels and let’s not forget the two in-ground trampolines that will provide hours of bouncing fun!

The lime green, green, and blue colour scheme is visually striking and blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment. Not only is this playground incredibly fun, but it also provides many benefits for children. Play is important for children’s physical, cognitive, and social development, and this playground has been designed with those benefits in mind.

The various climbing structures and equipment will help children build strength, coordination, and gross motor skills, while the interactive panels and musical pipes will stimulate their senses and encourage creativity. All in all, this playground is sure to be a favourite among the students at Altona Green Primary School.

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Altona Green Primary School

  • Giant climbing structure called Matrix
  • Two huge tube slides (spiral and straight) and a smaller open slide
  • Double rock wall, orbs, arched monkey bars, tube net climber, arched bridges, spider net climbers, pommel walkers, stairs, telescope panels, shop front panels, squeeze panels, and more
  • Two in-ground trampolines
  • Musical drums for sensory play
  • Lime green, green, and blue color scheme
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