Beaconsfield Primary School

The best part about designing playgrounds is when the school staff are just as excited as you are!

Beaconsfield Primary School located in Cardinia Shire Council loved looking at what we had to offer and wanted something different for their students that they weren’t getting from other playground suppliers. We used our Orbit range to fill this part of the brief. The area was tight but we could fit 3 fun elements plus some Ninja Steps!

Under the shade we popped some of our incredible musical instruments such as stainless steel musical pipes and drums, some bright and colourful orbs (to either balance on or sit and chat) and a twister panel with rubber spots. They also wanted something that could be used for play during the day and then seating for parents in the afternoon – this is where our timber range came into play!

The kids were lining up down the driveway to have a turn so they had to schedule time in the day for each year level. The parents also love the timber area and bring in the toddlers to play at pickup!”

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Beaconsfield Primary School

The playground at Beaconsfield Primary is an absolute hit with its diverse range of features! With timber balance logs and steppers for a natural feel from our Natura Range , stainless steel Musical Pipes and Drums creating melodious fun, an interactive twister panel with rubber spots for endless excitement, and vibrant Orbs perfect for balancing adventures, there’s never a dull moment. Add in a thrilling small ninja course complete with Ninja Pads, Sway Bars, Roman Triangles, and a Swing Bridge, and it’s a playground paradise! The kids can’t get enough of the variety and thrills, ensuring endless smiles and memories for years to come.

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