Benton Junior College, Mornington

Welcome to Benton Junior College’s in Mornington City Council, exciting new playground! Our new playground has been designed to provide students of all ages with a fun and interactive space to develop their physical, cognitive and emotional skills. With a range of exciting equipment and activities, children will love playing and exploring in this new space.

The playground features a range of climbing options, including a double slide, that will challenge children’s gross motor skills while encouraging imaginative play. The children in the school focus group even got to select the colour scheme and some of the play elements, ensuring the play structure was tailored to their preferences and interests.

But the benefits of this playground go beyond just physical development. Through play, children can learn valuable life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and conflict resolution. By interacting with their peers and engaging in imaginative play, students can improve their social skills and build lasting relationships.

This playground is a valuable addition to the school’s facilities, providing children with opportunities for holistic growth and development. Students will love spending their recess and lunch breaks exploring the playground and engaging in imaginative play, while also developing important skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

So come and join the fun at Benton Junior College’s new playground and discover the benefits of play for yourself!

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Benton Junior College, Mornington

  • Benton Junior College in Mornington installed a new playground
  • The playground features equipment suitable for children of all ages, including climbing options, a double slide, and interactive elements that encourage imaginative play
  • The engaging design is expected to make it a popular destination for children during recess and lunch breaks
  • The playground is not just a space for physical development but also a platform for cognitive and emotional growth
  • Children can learn important skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and conflict resolution through interaction with peers and imaginative play
  • The playground provides children with opportunities for holistic growth and development.
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