Bicentennial Park, St Arnaud

Bicentennial Park in St Arnaud is a perfect destination for families with young children. The Northern Grampians Shire Council has recently upgraded the park, and one of the highlights is the new SafePlay playground. This playground has been designed with children’s developmental needs in mind, with a focus on providing a range of physical and imaginative play opportunities.

The playground features a range of exciting elements that cater to children’s different personalities and interests. The blue, red and yellow colours of the playground create a bright and playful atmosphere, and the aluminium platforms provide a sturdy foundation for the various play structures. The top level of the playground features a curved roof, a steering wheel panel, and a yellow wave slide that leads down to the squeeze bars and comic counter. Children can enjoy imaginative play as they pretend to be sailing on the high seas or racing down a rollercoaster.

On the other side of the elevated platform, children can climb down a honeycomb joiner that leads to monkey bars in an ‘S’ shape, or use the pinnacle climber to reach the spider net. These challenging structures help children develop their physical strength, balance and coordination, while also boosting their confidence and sense of achievement as they successfully navigate the obstacle course.

Finally, the playground also features a traditional double swing set. Swinging is a classic childhood activity that never gets old, and it offers a range of benefits for children. It helps them develop their gross motor skills, balance and coordination, and provides sensory stimulation as they feel the wind rushing past their faces. Swinging also promotes social interaction, as children can take turns pushing each other and sharing the experience of flying through the air.

Play is essential for children’s healthy development, and playgrounds like the one in Bicentennial Park provide valuable opportunities for children to learn, grow and have fun. Physical play, such as climbing, swinging and sliding, helps children develop their physical skills, such as balance, coordination, strength and agility. This is especially important in today’s world, where children may spend more time indoors and on screens, and may not have as many opportunities to engage in physical activity.

Imaginative play is also crucial for children’s development. It helps them develop their creativity, problem-solving skills and social-emotional intelligence. Through imaginative play, children can explore different roles and scenarios, experiment with different solutions to problems, and learn to navigate social relationships and communication.

In addition to the physical and cognitive benefits of play, it also provides important emotional benefits. Play is a natural way for children to release stress and anxiety, and it can help them develop their self-esteem, confidence and resilience. Play also provides opportunities for children to connect with others and build social relationships, which is critical for their overall wellbeing.

Overall, the SafePlay playground in Bicentennial Park is a fantastic addition to the community. It offers a range of play opportunities that cater to children’s diverse needs and interests, and it provides valuable benefits for their physical, cognitive and emotional development. It is a wonderful place for families to spend time together, and for children to learn, grow and have fun.

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Bicentennial Park, St Arnaud

  • Bicentennial Park in St Arnaud has been upgraded with a new SafePlay playground
  • Playground features a range of physical and imaginative play opportunities
  • Playground colours are blue, red and yellow with aluminium platforms
  • Top level features a curved roof, steering wheel panel and a yellow wave slide
  • Other side of the elevated platform features a honeycomb joiner leading to monkey bars and a pinnacle climber leading to a spider net
  • Playground also features a traditional double swing set
  • Physical play helps children develop their gross motor skills, balance, coordination and agility
  • Imaginative play helps children develop creativity, problem-solving skills and social-emotional intelligence
  • Play provides important emotional benefits, such as stress and anxiety release, self-esteem, confidence and resilience building
  • SafePlay playground in Bicentennial Park is a great addition to the community, providing valuable benefits for children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development.

Manufactured by Australia’s largest Playground Company, FORPARK AUSTRALIA, our equipment is designed to comply with Australian Standards and is built to last using powder coated uprights, platforms, and components. The fittings are manufactured from various materials including powder coated galvanised steel, roto-moulded plastics, and rope items which are wrapped in a fire-resistant nylon braid.

Made in Australia.

When designing Junior Playgrounds, SafePlay is catering for the developing needs of younger children. SafePlay Playgrounds offer a diverse range of active and passive play choices as well as excellent opportunities for parents to supervise or join in.

When designing Junior Playgrounds, we believe that providing a balanced array of activities is paramount. Their diverse range of physical abilities demands that equipment be capable of allowing children to extend their developing skills and social interaction.

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