Bundoora Primary School

Welcome to the upgraded playground at Bundoora Primary School in Darebin City Council!  The vibrant orange, grey, and pale green colors of the playground are sure to attract the attention of every child. The unique course layout of the play equipment is designed to keep the children engaged and active throughout their playtime. The various elements of the playground, such as the rock-climbing wall, pommel walkers, arched monkey bars, congo net, and fire pole, are all specifically chosen to challenge the children’s physical abilities and provide them with an exciting experience.

The playground starts off with steppers and a step crossing that allow children to work on their balance and coordination skills. The rock-climbing wall is perfect for developing strength and endurance while also promoting problem-solving skills as children try to find the best way to reach the top. The inclined tunnel provides a thrilling experience and challenges children to navigate through it. The pommel walkers require concentration and balance, while the arched monkey bars develop upper body strength and coordination.

The congo net and fire pole are sure to be crowd favorites, as children can test their bravery and challenge themselves to move through the obstacles quickly. The chain traverse requires balance and coordination as children move across the chain without touching the ground. Finally, the twista provides a fun and exciting way to end the course.

Play is essential for the development of children as it promotes physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth. Physical play, such as climbing and running, helps to develop gross motor skills, while cognitive play, such as problem-solving and decision-making, helps to develop thinking skills. Social play, such as playing with others, helps to develop communication and social skills, and emotional play, such as pretend play, helps to develop emotional regulation and empathy.

In conclusion, the upgraded playground at Bundoora Primary School is an excellent addition that provides children with a fun and exciting way to engage in physical play while also promoting their cognitive, social, and emotional growth. The course layout, vibrant colors, and challenging obstacles make this playground an ideal space for children to develop their physical abilities and social skills while having fun.

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Bundoora Primary School

  • Playground designed for senior students at Bundoora Primary School with colors orange, grey, and pale green
  • Course layout with a variety of challenging obstacles
  • Elements include: steppers, rock-climbing wall, inclined tunnel, pommel walkers, arched monkey bars, congo net, fire pole, chain traverse, and twista
  • Dark green rubber surface
  • Benefits of play include physical, cognitive, social, and emotional growth, physical play promotes gross motor skills, cognitive play develops thinking skills, social play enhances communication and social skills
  • Emotional play fosters emotional regulation and empathy.
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