Burwood East Primary School

Wow, Burwood East Primary School‘s in Whitehorse City Council mega 17 platform which is separated into 3 areas, 1st essentials play structure , 2nd essentials play structure and 3rd essentials play structure sounds like an amazing play area for children! With so many exciting features, the possibilities for play are truly endless.

Let’s start with the overhead items – these are great for encouraging upper body strength and coordination, as children will need to use their arms and hands to hold on and move across them. The balance beam is another excellent feature for developing balance and core stability, which are important skills for many physical activities.

The Pinnacle Climber and 2x 3M Spider Nets are perfect for challenging children’s gross motor skills and building confidence as they navigate their way up and down the structure. The connected Cube and Creeping Crawler offer opportunities for imaginative play and crawling, which is great for promoting sensory development and spatial awareness.

The Crescent Climbers and 2M Balance Beam add variety to the climbing and balancing options, while the Pommel Walker and Steppers provide fun and challenging activities for developing coordination and balance.

Now let’s move on to the slides! The 1200 Wave Slide, 1200 Curved Slide, and 1800 Spiral Slide offer children a thrilling way to descend from the structure, while also promoting risk-taking and spatial awareness.

Finally, the Licra Lime, Yellow, Purple, and Black Ropes add a splash of color and provide a fun and challenging way for children to climb and swing across the structure, which promotes gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Covered with Shade Sails, they are an effective way to provide shade and protect children from harmful UV rays while they play on the playground. They are large pieces of fabric that are stretched tautly across a series of poles or posts, creating a canopy-like structure. Shade sails come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit different playground designs and needs.

Overall, the benefits of play on this mega 17 platform Essentials Play Structure are numerous. Children can develop physical skills such as balance, coordination, and strength, while also engaging in imaginative play, socializing with peers, and taking safe risks. Plus, with so many different features to explore, children can challenge themselves and develop new skills over time, making this play structure an excellent investment for promoting healthy child development.

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Burwood East Primary School

  • Large combination play structure which is made up of 3 sections
  • 1st Section:  includes of 2 slides, 1200 curved slide and 1800 spiral slide for thrilling descents and risk-taking also step crossing and pinnacle climber of developing balance and core stability
  • 2nd Section:  has overhead items for upper body strength and coordination, balance beam for developing balance and core stability and spider net for gross motor skills and confidence-building also rock climbing and a 1200 wave slide
  • 3rd Section:  consists of cube, pommel walker steppers for coordination and balance, 3m spider net and an overhead 3m roman rings for more upper body strength and coordination
  • Licra Lime, Yellow, Purple, and Black Ropes for climbing and swinging
  • Bright colors add to the visual appeal of the structure
  • Promotes physical development, imaginative play, socializing, and safe risk-taking.

Catering for the developing needs of all children, SafePlay playgrounds offer a diverse range of active and passive play choices.

Providing a balanced array of activities is paramount when catering for children. Their diverse range of physical abilities demands that equipment be capable of allowing children to extend their skills. The inclusion of passive play zones and areas where adults can interact is also important.

Keeping playgrounds interesting and fun for older children can be a significant challenge. By including a range of play activities with graduated levels of physical challenge as well as spaces for socialising or just hanging out, older children have the increased incentive for play and social interaction.

SafePlay design School Playgrounds to cater for high numbers of students playing during recess and lunch periods, where traffic flow and play-paths must be provided to ensure there are no areas of conflict or congestion.

Our School Playgrounds provide a balanced array of physical, social, creative, and cognitive play opportunities. We give students all the tools they need, to develop and hone their skills.

Manufactured by Australia’s largest Playground Company, FORPARK AUSTRALIA, our equipment is designed to comply with Australian Standards and is built to last using powder coated uprights, platforms, and components. The fittings are manufactured from various materials including powder coated galvanised steel, roto-moulded plastics, and rope items which are wrapped in a fire-resistant nylon braid.

Made in Australia.

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