Clarinda Primary School

Let me take you on a journey to Clarinda Primary School in the City of Kingston, where exciting new playground structures have just been installed, ready to inspire and engage the young minds of the school.

The first structure, an essentials structure, is the perfect place for students to release their energy and have some fun. The bright and vibrant Lime Green, Orange and Blue colours catch the eye of any student who passes by. The Cube, Tarzan Maze, Balance Beam and Arched Monkey Bars provide a challenging and stimulating experience that promotes physical fitness, improves balance and coordination, and builds strength.

But wait, there’s more! The second structure, an orbit structure, is where the real fun begins. With its Lime Green uprights, Blue and Orange Nets, and Red Tunnel, students can explore new heights and discover new challenges. The Hoop Challenge is sure to test their aim and hand-eye coordination, while the Reverse Helix Net and Tunnel Web require focus and determination to conquer. These elements promote problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and cognitive development.

The benefits of play cannot be overstated. Play is essential for a child’s emotional, social, and physical development. When children engage in active play, they build muscle strength, coordination, and balance. Play also promotes creativity, imagination, and problem-solving skills, all of which are essential for academic and personal success.

But play is not just about physical benefits; it also has a positive impact on emotional and social development. Play can help students develop empathy, build social skills, and improve their ability to communicate effectively with others. It can also provide an outlet for stress and anxiety, allowing children to feel more relaxed and at ease.

So, as we look at the new playground structures at Clarinda Primary School, we see not just fun and excitement, but a valuable tool for promoting student development and growth. Let the children run, climb, and explore their new play spaces, as they build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in school and in life.

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Clarinda Primary School

Essentials Structure:

  • Cube, Tarzan Maze, Balance Beam, and Arched Monkey Bars
  • Lime Green, Orange, and Blue colours
  • Promotes physical fitness, improves balance and coordination, and builds strength

Orbit Structure:

  • Hoop Challenge, Reverse Helix Net, and Tunnel Web
  • Lime Green uprights, Blue and Orange Nets, and Red Tunnel
  • Promotes problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and cognitive development
  • Provides an outlet for stress and anxiety
  • Builds muscle strength, coordination, and balance
  • Develops creativity, imagination, and social skills
  • Supports emotional and social development
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