Erinbank Crescent Reserve, West Meadows

Welcome to the amazing Erinbank Crescent Reserve playground, West Meadows in Hume City Council, where kids can unleash their imaginations and creativity! The bright teal and orange color scheme sets the tone for an exciting playtime experience. This playground is perfect for children of all ages and abilities.

Let’s start with the Wind rider, a fun spinner that encourages social interaction and improves balance and coordination skills. Next up is the Torpedo See-Saw, perfect for cooperative play and building teamwork skills. The Stainless Steel Post Swing comes with a toddler seat and a strap seat, so even the littlest ones can join in on the fun.

And of course, the star attraction is the multi age play unit! This structure has everything a child could dream of, including a toddler slide and a 1.2m wave slide for the older kids. The Spider Net Climber, Crescent Climber, and Steppers offer endless opportunities for climbing, balancing, and developing motor skills. The Shop Front Panel encourages imaginative play, while the Roof provides some much-needed shade on those hot summer days.

But this playground isn’t just about having fun – it’s also about promoting the physical, cognitive, and social development of children. Play is essential for children’s physical health and well-being, and this playground provides an excellent opportunity for kids to get active and engage in physical play.

Additionally, playing on the Multi Age Play Unit helps children develop gross motor skills such as climbing, running, and jumping, as well as fine motor skills like gripping and grasping. Socially, children learn how to communicate and interact with others, build relationships, and practice cooperation and teamwork.

Overall, Erinbank Crescent Reserve Playground is a great example of how play can benefit children in numerous ways, all while having fun and creating lifelong memories. We loved working with Hume City Council on another great play space.

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Erinbank Crescent Reserve, West Meadows

  • Playground located at Erinbank Crescent Reserve, West Meadows
  • Play equipment in teal and orange color scheme
  • Includes a Wind rider, torpedo see saw, and stainless steel post swing with toddler and strap seat
  • Multi-age play unit with toddler slide and 1.2m wave slide
  • Spider net climber, crescent climber, shop front panel, roof for shade, ladder for easy access, and steppers for balancing
  • Benefits of play include promoting physical activity, developing motor skills, enhancing social interaction, and stimulating imagination and creativity.
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