Keysborough Gardens Primary School – Senior Playground

We are thrilled to announce that Keysborough Gardens Primary School in Dandenong Council has now installed two fantastic playgrounds for its students! Play is an incredibly important part of childhood development, as it allows children to learn, grow and explore their environment in a safe and fun way.

The playground installed, featuring an eye-catching combination of orange, blue and lime green, is an absolute playground paradise for children of all ages. The multi-age unit is loaded with a variety of exciting activities that are sure to capture the attention and imagination of every child who steps onto it.

With roman triangles, roman rings, tight ropes, a climbing cube, spider web climber, tube crawls, balance beams, shop front panel, telescope panel, squeeze panel, two wave slides, a fire pole and a ladder for easy access, this playground is a veritable wonderland of exploration and adventure. Children can challenge themselves to climb, balance, crawl and slide their way through this vibrant playground, testing their physical abilities and developing their coordination and motor skills in the process.

But the benefits of play don’t stop there. Play also helps children to develop their social and emotional skills, as they learn to interact with other children, negotiate conflicts, and express themselves creatively. Play also provides a much-needed break from the academic demands of the classroom, allowing children to decompress and release pent-up energy, improving focus and concentration when they return to their studies.

Overall, I am thrilled that the students at Keysborough Gardens Primary School now have access to these amazing playgrounds, providing them with a safe, fun and educational environment in which to grow, play and learn.

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Keysborough Gardens Primary School – Senior Playground

  • Keysborough Gardens Primary School was built in 2019 without any playgrounds.
  • It was designed to accommodate up to 800 students.
  • An adventure playground was later added, featuring a variety of exciting activities.
  • The multi-age unit includes roman triangles, rings, tight ropes, cube, spider net climber, tube crawls, balance beams, shop front panel, telescope panel, squeeze panel, two wave slides, fire pole and ladder for easy access.
  • Play is important for childhood development, helping children to develop social and emotional skills, as well as coordination and motor skills.
  • Play also provides a break from academic demands, improving focus and concentration in the classroom.
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