Kilberry Valley Primary School, Hampton Park – Senior Playground

The junior school council at Kilberry Valley Primary School in Casey City Council really knows how to get things done! They saw an opportunity to upgrade their school playgrounds and made it happen.

At first, the school asked the company to carry out some repairs on the prep playground, but unfortunately, it was beyond economical repair and required replacement. The company quoted for a new prep-playground, but then the junior school council became involved! They are mostly grade 4-5 students and didn’t feel that they would benefit a lot from a new prep playground. So they called the company and asked for a quote for a new senior playground instead!

They took it to the adult school council with a list of reasons why theirs was more important. So the school council decided to replace the senior playground instead! The fact remained, however, that the prep playground really needed to go, so they decided to do both, and the company replaced them both during the school holidays. Complete with new surfacing, edging and drainage.

The new senior playground is a fantastic addition to the school’s facilities. It features a giant spiral slide, perfect for thrilling and fast-paced rides, and a climbing cube that offers plenty of opportunities for kids to test their balance, coordination, and strength. The playground also includes roman rings and triangles that provide challenging obstacles for kids to conquer, and a hang n glide is a great addition for kids who love to swing and glide through the air.

The playground also has a tube crawl that provides a fun and exciting tunnel for kids to crawl through. The playground features bold and playful colors, with red posts and blue and silver elements. Playground play is essential for children’s physical, mental, and emotional development, promoting physical fitness, improving coordination and gross motor skills, and developing social skills such as communication, empathy, and teamwork. Playground play also fosters children’s imagination and creativity.

With the new senior playground and prep playground, Kilberry Valley Primary School now has two brand new spaces for kids to play, learn, and grow. These playgrounds are perfectly designed for what they need, providing a safe and exciting place for kids to have fun and build important life skills. The school and its students are thrilled with the new playgrounds, and it’s all thanks to the initiative and persistence of the junior school council!

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Kilberry Valley Primary School, Hampton Park – Senior Playground

  • Get ready to have a blast at Kilberry Valley Primary School, Hampton Park with their brand new senior playground, featuring a giant spiral slide that’s sure to make your heart race!
  • Climb up the colorful red posts, conquer the challenging climbing cube and roman rings, and glide across the hang n glide before taking on the thrilling tube crawl.
  • The new playground also boasts a stylish design with eye-catching blue and silver elements that will make you feel like you’re in a futuristic world of fun and excitement.
  • But wait, there’s more! The school didn’t forget about the younger kids – they also installed a new prep playground during the school holidays.
  • Both playgrounds have been upgraded with new surfacing, edging, and drainage, ensuring a safe and comfortable play experience for everyone.
  • Kilberry Valley Primary School just got even more awesome, thanks to the power of the junior school council!
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