Laura Court Reserve, Bayswater North

Get ready to hop into fun at Laura Court Reserve, Bayswater North with Maroondah City Council’s frog-themed playground, brought to life by our team! We’re thrilled to announce the completion of this exciting project, which features delightful frog-themed elements including a frog rocker, frog pond panel, and a unique ‘lily pad’ pommel climber. Our team was particularly excited to win this job for Maroondah, as it’s conveniently located just 10 minutes from our office.

The play structure has a wave slide, spiral slide, curved monkey bars, rope twist, pommel climber, rock wall and fire pole also an interactive frog panel.  The inclusion of a post swing with toddler and strap seat, frog rocker and a spinna set the seen for the perfect fun for kids.

We’re proud to have brought a fresh perspective to the design, incorporating mudrocks and existing trees as part of the edging to create a natural and dynamic play environment. Plus, we added a creative twist with lilypad rubber pads, making every step a playful adventure. At Laura Court Reserve, imagination knows no bounds as children leap into a world of froggy fun!

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Laura Court Reserve, Bayswater North

Here’s what you can expect from this exciting project:

  • Frog Rocker: A fun and safe spring rocker shaped like a frog, providing an enjoyable play experience for younger children.
  • Frog Pond Panel: An interactive panel designed to resemble a frog pond, adding to the immersive frog-themed atmosphere of the playground.
  • ‘Lily Pad’ Pommel Climber: A unique climbing structure shaped like lily pads, offering children a playful and imaginative way to climb and explore.
  • Wave Slide and Spiral Slide: Two different types of slides that provide thrilling and varied sliding experiences for children.
  • Curved Monkey Bars: A challenging and engaging climbing feature that encourages children to test their agility and strength.
  • Rope Twist: A twisting rope climber that adds an element of excitement and adventure to the playground.
  • Rock Wall: Additional climbing structures that offer opportunities for children to develop their coordination and motor skills.
  • Swing Set with Toddler and Strap Seat: Accommodates children of different ages and abilities, ensuring that everyone can enjoy swinging fun.
  • Spinna: A spinning play feature that adds dynamic movement and excitement to the playground.
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