Loch Sport Primary School

Welcome to Loch Sport Primary School it has a new playground in the Wellington Shire Council, a thrilling oasis for 35 lucky kids! Our team recently completed this stunning project, featuring the tallest Elevate structure in Victoria, complete with vibrant blue rubber surfacing that adds a pop of color to the schoolyard. Picture this: a towering structure adorned with rope climbing, observation panels, a slide, and a twirl bar, providing an exhilarating playground experience like no other.

From the top of the tower, thrill-seekers can take in breathtaking views while enjoying the custom prism-style rope net under the decks. But the excitement doesn’t end there – the super cool balcony offers yet another vantage point for kids to soak in the surroundings. We’re thrilled to have brought this design to life and can’t wait for the luckiest kids alive to experience the thrill of this playground firsthand!

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Loch Sport Primary School

Here’s a breakdown of what the lucky 35 kids can expect:

  • Elevate Tower Structure: The centerpiece of the playground, this towering structure offers an impressive and commanding presence, providing children with an exciting focal point for play. It has a slide, rope climbing, observation panels, roll over bar.
  • This playground boasts the distinction of featuring the tallest Elevate structure in the state, adding to the sense of excitement and wonder for children exploring the playground.
  • Vibrant Blue Rubber Surfacing: The rubber surfacing adds a vibrant pop of color to the schoolyard, creating a visually stimulating and inviting environment for play.
  • Custom Prism-Style Rope Net: Positioned under the decks of the tower structure, this custom rope net adds an extra layer of challenge and adventure for children to enjoy as they climb and explore.
  • Super Cool Balcony: A unique feature that provides children with another vantage point to take in the surrounding landscape, offering a sense of elevation and excitement.
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