Lynbrook Primary School

The Lynbrook Primary School playground located in Casey City Council is a perfect place for kids to let their imaginations run wild! With its vibrant lime green and orange color scheme, it’s sure to catch the eye of any child passing by. The orbit play structure is packed with exciting equipment to keep kids engaged and entertained, including:

  • An orbit vortex for spinning and whirling fun
  • An orbit rope net wall for climbing and exploration
  • An orbit rockwall for scaling to new heights
  • An orbit jungle gym for imaginative play and adventure
  • Orbit sway bars and commando crossing for challenging balance and coordination
  • Orbit tight rope and hoop challenge for testing agility and focus
  • Orbit swing bridge for swinging and soaring through the air
  • Orbit prism for a final burst of excitement

All of this fun is set on top of soft rubber surfacing, ensuring a safe and comfortable landing for every child. Not only is the Lynbrook Primary School playground incredibly fun, but it’s also a great way to encourage kids to be active and get some exercise. Let your child’s imagination take flight at the Lynbrook Primary School playground!

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Lynbrook Primary School

  • Orbit structure for spinning fun, climbing, balance, coordination, agility, focus and exploration and scaling to new heights
  • Imaginative play and adventure
  • Lime green and orange color scheme
  • Soft rubber surfacing for safety and comfort.
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