Mandama Primary School, Grovedale

Are you ready to climb, slide and swing your way to fun? Mandama Primary School’s, Grovedale new playground is the ultimate play destination for kids of all ages in Geelong City Council! With its vibrant colors and endless play options, this multi-age unit is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Experience the thrill of the single wave slide, test your climbing skills on the rockwall, spider net climber, and mountain climber or swing across the vine crossing. You can also try your hand at the twista rope climber or balance your way across the steppers. With so much to explore, there’s never a dull moment at this playground.

But what really sets this playground apart is its unique custom signage. As you play, you’ll be reminded of the school’s core values of respect, pride, and honesty. This creates a positive and inclusive environment for all children, helping them learn important social skills while having fun.

In addition to providing entertainment and fostering positive values, this playground also offers numerous benefits for physical development. The various climbing structures help develop balance, coordination, and upper body strength. Sliding helps to develop spatial awareness and gross motor skills, while swinging is great for overall physical fitness.

So come on down and join in on the fun at Mandama Primary School’s new playground. With its endless play options and inclusive environment, it’s the perfect place to let your imagination run wild while also developing important physical and social skills.

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Mandama Primary School, Grovedale

  • Multi-age playground with various play equipment including a single wave slide, rockwall climber, spider net climber, roll over bars, mountain climber, helix climber, vine crossing, twista rope climber, steppers, and more.
  • Bright orange posts with limegreen and blue elements.
  • Custom signs with the school’s values of respect, pride, and honesty included in the playground.
  • Provides a fun and inclusive environment for children of all ages to play and develop their physical and social skills.
  • Promotes values of respect, pride, and honesty through play, reinforcing the school’s values in a fun and engaging way.
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