Merrifield Stage 39, Merrifeld

Looking for an exciting and engaging play space that immerses children in nature while promoting physical activity and social connection? Look no further than Merrifield Stage 39 in Merrifield, a brand new play space designed with the Hume City Council. Surrounded by lush plants and mudrocks, this play space seamlessly blends the best of nature play with modern play equipment to create a unique and stimulating environment for children of all ages.

At the heart of the play space is a multi-age play unit that features a range of exciting activities designed to challenge and engage children’s minds and bodies. From the thrilling rope net climber and tube crawl climber to the fun and interactive telescope panel and shop front panel, this play unit is packed with features that encourage active play and imaginative exploration.

For those looking for a more laid-back play experience, there’s a critter 4-way rocker and a swing set with both a strap seat and a toddler seat, perfect for younger children. And for those looking for a more adventurous challenge, the orbit track with its tight rope, rope net wall, sway bars, swing bridge, and Z-balance beam and sit up boards provides a thrilling test of balance and coordination.

But the benefits of this play space go beyond just physical activity. By immersing children in nature and promoting social interaction, Merrifield Stage 39 helps foster a sense of connection and community among its young visitors. So if you’re looking for a play space that offers fun, challenge, and connection, look no further than Merrifield Stage 39 in Merrifield.

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Merrifield Stage 39, Clyde

  • Merrifield Stage 39 in Clyde has a new play space designed by the Hume City Council
  • The equipment is integrated with nature play and surrounded by plants and mudrocks
  • The main multi-age play unit includes a slide, rope net climber, tube crawl climber, and more
  • Other equipment includes a 4-person spring rocker, swing set with strap and toddler seats, and an orbit track with various elements
  • The play space offers numerous benefits, including physical activity, social interaction, and cognitive development
  • The integration with nature play fosters an appreciation for the natural environment
  • The equipment encourages children to explore, test their physical abilities, and develop important skills
  • The play space provides a fun and engaging place for children and families to spend time together, enhancing community connections.
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