Monash Special Development School, Wheelers Hill

Monash Special Development School, Wheelers Hill has such a lovely playground full of discovery and exploration. Monash SDS is located in Monash City Council and was designed to engage children of all abilities in a rich and stimulating environment. A boat themed structure, a torpedo see saw, bouncer / trampoline, drum set and a variety of activity panels all contribute to a play space that has inclusive and adaptable equipment catered to children with diverse needs, ensuring that all students can participate in a sensory-rich experience.

The boat-themed play structure is a fantastic addition to the playground. Boat-themed structures often provide children with imaginative play opportunities, allowing them to pretend they’re sailors or pirates navigating the high seas. Such structures typically feature elements like slides, and interactive panels designed to stimulate creativity and physical activity. In an inclusive setting like Monash SDS, this type of play equipment likely incorporates accessibility features to ensure all students can enjoy the experience regardless of their abilities.

The torpedo see-saw is an exciting and unique piece of playground equipment that offers children a dynamic and interactive play experience. This type of see-saw typically consists of a long, narrow base resembling a torpedo or submarine, with seating on either end for two or more children to sit facing each other. Unlike traditional see-saws that move up and down along a central pivot point, the torpedo see-saw rocks back and forth while spinning around its axis, simulating the movement of a torpedo in water.

The bouncer trampoline offers children a fun and stimulating way to engage in physical activity while also improving balance, coordination, and motor skills. It provides a sensory-rich experience as children bounce and move on the soft surface, stimulating their vestibular system and promoting sensory integration.

Of course, the musical drums are another wonderful feature of the playground at Monash Special Development School in Wheelers Hill. These drums provide children with the opportunity to engage in creative expression through music and rhythm. Typically, they are large, durable drums installed in the playground area, allowing children to experiment with different beats and sounds using their hands.


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Monash Special Development School, Wheelers Hill

  • Provides a fun and engaging outdoor play environment for children at school.
  • This was designed to engage children of all abilities in a rich and stimulating environment
  • Boat theme equipment, bouncer and torpedo see-saw
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