Oaktree Reserve – Hampton Park

Welcome to Oaktree Reserve – Hampton Park, the mesmerizing playground in Hampton Park completed in July 2023 by the City of Casey. Prepare to embark on a journey of wonder and excitement, where kids’ dreams come alive through the captivating drawings they created to design their ideal playground.

With its kaleidoscope of bright colors in lime green, blue, and orange, this playground is a visual feast that sparks joy and enthusiasm in the hearts of all who visit.

  • Oaktree Reserve in Hampton Park was completed in July 2023 by the City of Casey.
  • Children’s dream playground drawings inspired its design, featuring a “swing, rainbow slide, spinny, and spider climbing”.
  • The playground boasts lime green, blue, and orange colors, creating a vibrant atmosphere.
  • The main multi-age unit includes stairs and a small slide for younger kids, and a tunnel slide, huge fire pole, and climbing cube for older kids.
  • Additional attractions include a jitterbug (spring/see-saw), a hurricane (spinning rope climber), and swings for all abilities, toddlers, and strap seat swings.
  • Playmatta paths ensure accessibility to all equipment, while mud rocks border the edge for sitting and exploration.
  • The playground offers a joyful and inclusive experience, catering to children of various ages and abilities.
  • Oaktree Reserve is a sanctuary of laughter, learning, and friendships, where imaginations soar and memories are created.
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The heart and soul of Oaktree Reserve – Hampton Park lies in its main multi-age unit, thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse needs of children of all ages. The littlest ones are not forgotten, as a gentle stairway leads them to a small slide, offering a safe and thrilling experience for our tiniest adventurers.

The sound of their gleeful laughter is infectious, spreading happiness throughout the park.

But Oaktree Reserve is not just for the little ones—older kids are in for an exhilarating treat! Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience as you take on the tunnel slide, the wind caressing your face as you descend and if that isn’t enough, get ready to unleash your inner firefighter with the colossal fire pole.

Glide down in style, feeling the rush of triumph with every second.  For those who love a good challenge, the climbing cube beckons with its daring design, encouraging kids to push their limits and build their confidence as they conquer new heights. It’s a testament to the power of perseverance and the joy of overcoming obstacles.

The excitement continues with the jitterbug, a delightful spring/see-saw hybrid that promises endless fun for kids of all ages. t all! Oaktree Reserve introduces the hurricane—a thrilling spinning rope climber that’s sure to be a hit. Spin, twist, and climb to your heart’s content, feeling the sheer thrill of defying gravity and experiencing an adventure like no other.

One of the most heartwarming features of this playground is the all-abilities swing, a place where children of all physical abilities can experience the joy of swinging. Inclusivity is at the core of Oaktree Reserve, where everyone is welcome, and friendships blossom.

Toddlers have their special swing too, designed to give them their very own taste of soaring through the air. Oaktree Reserve celebrates the joy of childhood, no matter how small, and ensures that every child can create cherished memories.

Accessibility is a top priority, as Playmatta paths lead to each piece of equipment, making the playground fully accessible for children of all abilities. And around the edges, the playful exploration continues with mud rocks, inviting kids to sit, play, and imagine amidst the natural elements, adding to the enchanting experience.

Immerse yourself in the kaleidoscope of colors that adorn Oaktree Reserve. Lime green, blue, and orange create a visual masterpiece, representing the boundless energy and excitement that awaits within. As the sun dances on the vibrant surfaces, the playground seems to come alive, enticing children from every corner of Hampton Park to join the fun.

So come, step into the world of Oaktree Reserve, where dreams take flight and adventures await. Whether you’re swinging on the all-abilities swing, conquering the climbing cube, or simply basking in the vibrant colors and laughter, this playground promises an unforgettable experience for kids of all ages.

Embrace the magic of Oaktree Reserve in Hampton Park and create memories that will last a lifetime!

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