Oysterbay Chase Reserve, Point Cook

The Oysterbay Chase Reserve in Point Cook has been upgraded with a new teal playground, adding a fun and exciting aspect to the already beautiful park and gardens. The playground features rubber softfall for easy accessibility for prams and wheelchairs, with swings including a strap seat, toddler seat, and basket swing to accommodate all ages.

Wyndham City Council has transformed Oysterbay Chase Reserve into a playground wonderland for kids of all ages. Surrounded by beautiful gardens, the teal play structure adds a pop of color to the park. When the council approached us, they were looking for a playground upgrade that would provide an exciting and inclusive environment for children and families. We are proud to say that we have delivered exactly that!  Under the deck is a play area with imaginative panels for toddlers and others, while the main structure offers exciting activities such as a giant 1.6m slide, 1.2m double wave slide, cliff climber, monkey bars, hang n glide, pommel walkers and more. The playground has a curved roof for shade and both easy and challenging access points, making it inclusive and enjoyable for everyone.

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Discover the Magic of Oysterbay Chase Reserve Playground in Point Cook!

The playground features rubber softfall connecting the slide, fire pole, access point, and swings, making it accessible and inclusive for children of all abilities. The softfall also adds a softer, safer landing for kids as they play. The swings are a highlight of the playground and offer a strap seat, toddler seat, and basket swing so that kids of every age can enjoy a ride. The swings are a great way for kids to improve their balance, coordination and physical strength.

The structure has a shaded deck with play panels for imaginative play and provides a great space for children to engage in creative and imaginative play. The panels include interactive elements like a steering wheel and telescope, which encourage kids to think critically and creatively. The deck is also an important feature of the playground, offering a shaded area where kids can play in comfort, regardless of the weather.

The giant 1.6m slide and 1.2m double wave slide are the perfect addition to the playground and offer kids the chance to race their friends. Slides are a great way to improve kids’ balance, coordination, and muscle strength. Kids can enjoy the excitement of racing their friends, while also getting plenty of physical activity. The slides also encourage kids to take risks and challenge themselves, which is a great way to develop confidence and self-esteem.

Another exciting feature of the playground is the cliff climber, which provides a challenging and fun climbing experience for kids. The cliff climber improves kids’ physical strength and dexterity, as well as their problem-solving skills. The monkey bars are also a fun and challenging feature, encouraging kids to use their upper body strength and improve their coordination.

The hang n glide is a popular feature of the playground, offering kids the chance to soar like birds. The flying fox provides kids with an exciting and exhilarating experience, as well as improving their balance and coordination. The pommel walkers are another exciting feature, offering a fun and challenging way for kids to improve their balance and coordination.

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