Parman Avenue Reserve, Pakenham

The recent playground development at Parman Avenue Reserve, Pakenham led by the Cardinia Shire Council, exemplifies the power of community engagement and inclusivity in public projects. By prioritizing input from local residents prior to initiating the tender process, the Council demonstrated its dedication to meeting the community’s desires.

Through open dialogue and consultation, the Council gathered valuable insights into the elements residents wished to see in the new playground. Key features, such as a dedicated area for toddlers, a large climbing net for adventurous play, and separated spaces for different age groups, were identified to ensure that the playground provided age-appropriate experiences for all.

The resulting Parman Playground features an impressive array of amenities, including an orbit structure with various challenges, a toddler play structure, a Swing Set with basket, toddler, and strap seats, a Carousel, a Bee Rocker, Talk Tubes, Ball Toss and a Basketball Tower. Each element was carefully chosen based on community feedback to create a diverse and engaging play experience.

The Council further engaged the community by presenting various designs online and inviting residents to vote for their favorite proposal. After careful consideration and overwhelming support, the winning design was selected, and your team was entrusted with bringing this dream playground to life.

As the fortunate winners of this project, your team is committed to creating a vibrant, safe, and engaging space that will bring joy and cherished memories to the Pakenham community for years to come. Overall, the Parman Playground development underscores the importance of community collaboration and inclusivity in public projects, setting a high standard for future endeavors. Congratulations on being selected to undertake this impactful endeavor!

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Parman Avenue Reserve, Pakenham includes

  • Orbit Unit with Curved Slide, Sway Bars, Commando Crossing, Crescent Web, Tight Rope, Ring Challenge
  • Toddler Play Structure: A smaller play area designed for younger children.
  • Swing Set with Basket, Toddler, and Strap Seats: Different types of swings suitable for toddlers and older children.
  • Carousel: A spinning platform that kids can sit or stand on.
  • Bee Rocker: A rocker shaped like a bee that children can sit on and rock back and forth.
  • Talk Tubes: Tubes installed for communication between different parts of the playground.
  • Ball Toss: Typically refers to a game or activity where participants toss balls it’s a fun and interactive way to promote hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and social interaction among children
  • Basketball Tower: A basketball hoop or hoops installed on a tower structure for playing basketball
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