Pearcedale Primary School

Pearcedale Primary School, nestled within the Casey City Council, collaborated with Safe Play Australia to revitalize their playground. The directive was clear: craft a space that exudes brightness, vibrancy, and contemporary flair. True to their mandate, Safe Play Australia orchestrated the creation of a playground that ignites excitement and serves as a vibrant sanctuary for students.

The new playground with its essentials and elevate structures stand as a testament to modern design, seamlessly melding vibrant hues with cutting-edge elements. This fusion cultivates an immersive and dynamic environment where students are encouraged to unleash their imagination and revel in boundless play and recreation.

With an array of captivating features such as the 5m hang-n-glide, pommel walker, fire pole, tunnel slide, and monkey bars and orbs, the playground offers a plethora of avenues for exploration and adventure.

The playground transcends expectations, captivating the school community with its bold and colorful aesthetics. It serves as an inviting space for students to socialize, discover, and partake in physical activities that foster growth and development.

In summary, Safe Play Australia’s innovative approach has metamorphosed Pearcedale Primary School’s playground into a contemporary and exhilarating space that resonates with the school’s aspiration of cultivating a lively, colorful, and contemporary atmosphere for its students.

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Pearcedale Primary School

With an array of captivating features such as:

  • 5m hang-n-glide: Offering an exhilarating gliding experience, allowing children to soar through the air with excitement.
  • Pommel walker: Providing a fun and challenging walking activity, enhancing balance and coordination skills.
  • Fire pole: Offering a thrilling descent option for children, promoting confidence and agility.
  • Tunnel slide: Providing an exciting sliding experience through a twisting tunnel structure, adding an element of adventure.
  • Monkey bars: Offering a challenging upper body strength activity, encouraging physical development and coordination.
  • Orbs: Adding a unique and playful element to the playground, providing opportunities for imaginative play and exploration.
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