Ramlegh Park Primary School, Clyde North

It sounds like an incredible adventure at Ramlegh Park Primary School, Clyde North! The collaboration between Safe Play Australia team and the school staff to create two unique playgrounds for the Grade 3 students must have been an exciting endeavor.

Let’s break down the features of each playground:

Playground 1 – Orbit Playground in Lime Green and Blue:

  • A large orbit structure for climbing and exploring.
  • Giant Climbing Matrix:
  • Climbing Prism: Another climbing feature, likely with multiple surfaces for ascending.
  • Two Slides: Providing different options for sliding fun.
  • Rock Walls: For climbing challenges.
  • Sway Bars: Possibly horizontal bars that sway as children traverse them.
  • Challenge Rings: Rings suspended for climbing or swinging.
  • Commando Crossing: A type of suspended bridge or crossing.
  • Rope Net Wall: A vertical climbing challenge made of rope netting.
  • Swing Bridge: A bridge that swings as children walk across it.
  • Orbs: Additional features for climbing or imaginative play.

Playground 2 – Essentials Playground in Lime Green and Teal:

  • Spiral Slide: A slide with a twisting design.
  • Rock Wall: Another climbing feature, similar to the one in Playground 1.
  • Rung Climber: Likely a climbing structure with horizontal rungs.
  • Fire Pole: A vertical pole for sliding down.
  • Timber Panel: Possibly a panel for imaginative play or climbing.
  • Wave Monkey Bars: Monkey bars with a wavy design for added challenge.

Both playgrounds offer a diverse range of activities that encourage physical activity, exploration, and imaginative play. The combination of climbing structures, slides, and other features ensures that students have plenty of opportunities for fun and adventure during their playtime.

It’s evident that the dedication and collaboration between your team and the school staff have created an exciting and enriching environment for the Grade 3 students at Ramlegh Park Primary School.

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Ramlegh Park Primary School, Clyde North

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