Roebourne Crescent Reserve, Campbellfield

Get ready for some serious fun at Roebourne Crescent Reserve in Campbellfield! This play space is the perfect destination for kids of all ages to run, jump, climb and play. Thanks to the recent upgrade by Hume City Council and our expert installation, the park is now home to some exciting new equipment that will keep children entertained for hours.

The standout feature of the new play space is the fantastic Orbit structure. With monkey bars, an arched web wall, rope net climber, congo net, ladder climber, slide and modern roofs, kids will be challenged to test their physical abilities and improve their coordination and balance. The vibrant red, blue and yellow color scheme is sure to capture the attention of young ones and make the playground a bright and cheerful space.

But that’s not all – we also installed a carousel with rails, bouncing jitterbug and swing with a toddler and strap seat, providing even more opportunities for active play and social interaction. The benefits of play go far beyond just having fun – they promote physical development, social skills and emotional wellbeing, which is why it’s so important to have well-designed play spaces in our communities.

The Roebourne Crescent Reserve play space is a shining example of how community investment in play equipment can create a safe and stimulating environment for children to play and grow. With a focus on promoting physical activity and social connection, this play space is sure to become a favorite destination for families in Campbellfield and beyond.

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Roebourne Crescent Reserve, Campbellfield

  • Upgraded playground at Roebourne Crescent Reserve in Campbellfield by Hume City Council
  • Orbit structure with monkey bars, arched web wall, rope net climber, congo net, ladder climber, slide and modern roofs
  • Carousel, bouncing jitterbug and swing with toddler and strap seat
  • Colour scheme of red, blue and yellow
  • Provides opportunities for children to engage in active play and social interaction
  • Promotes physical development, gross motor skills, and spatial awareness
  • Encourages cooperative play and social skills development
  • Benefits the community by providing a fun and engaging play space for local children and families.
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