St Luke’s Catholic Primary School, Shepparton

St. Luke’s Primary School in Shepparton has hit the playground jackpot with their brand new play space! Not only is it a large playground that’s connected in a circle, allowing for plenty of room to run and play, but it also has a heavy duty shelter overhead, making it accessible to use every single day of the year. Imagine being able to play and have fun, rain or shine!

But the real cherry on top of this playground sundae are all the exciting features it boasts!

From the Twista rope climber that will test your agility, to the spider spider web that will have you feeling like a real-life Spiderman, the Hang N Glide that will have you soaring through the air, the Tube Net Climber that will challenge your climbing skills, and the arched monkey bars that will test your upper body strength, this playground has something for everyone to enjoy.

Not only is this playground a blast to play on, but it also offers a wide range of benefits for kids of all ages. Playtime is an essential part of a child’s development, helping to improve physical, social, and cognitive skills.

This multi-age playground is the perfect way to encourage kids to get out and play, and have fun while they’re doing it. So why not come and check it out for yourself? You won’t be disappointed!

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St Luke’s Primary School, Shepparton

St. Luke’s Catholic Primary School in Shepparton has recently added an incredible new playground to their school. This playground is special because it has a heavy duty shelter, allowing it to be used every day of the year, and it is designed in a circular shape, making it perfect for spreading out and running around.

The playground features exciting elements such as the Twista rope climber, spider net, hang n glide, tube net climber and arched monkey bars, that are fun for kids of all ages. The playground is located in a semi-rural setting, surrounded by farming land in the north of Shepparton.

The playground is a great way for children to have fun and get exercise while developing their physical, social and cognitive skills.

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