Tangambalanga Swimming Centre, Indigo

Indigo Shire Council has done a fantastic job in upgrading the playground at Tangambalanga Swimming Centre in Beechworth, which has become a colorful and exciting attraction in the area. The playground’s thoughtfully designed layout includes separated areas for younger and older children, ensuring that everyone can play safely and comfortably. The playground’s vibrant color scheme and well-constructed features create an engaging and inspiring environment that sparks children’s imaginations.

The playground offers a wide range of interactive activities that cater to children of all ages, encouraging them to engage in physical, cognitive, and social activities. The handball panel is one of the features that enable children to develop their hand-eye coordination, agility, and problem-solving skills, while the spinna provides an exhilarating experience for those seeking a heart-pumping thrill. The playground is installed over softfall mulch, providing a safe and comfortable landing surface for children as they explore the swings and two individual structures.

The first structure is designed for younger children and provides an engaging and imaginative space to play. The roll over bar, dashboard panel, word panel, and bubble clock panel encourage imaginative play and promote cognitive development. The cargo rope net provides a fun and challenging climbing experience, which leads to a higher steering panel, fire pole, and straight purple slide. These features not only promote physical activity but also help children develop their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

The second structure is designed for older children and begins with a Hang N Glide and Roman Rings that lead to a larger aluminum platform. From there, children can climb a rung joiner to the Telescope panel, which offers a unique perspective on the playground and surrounding area. Children can then climb down the web wall to another roll over bar or slide down the purple wave slide, providing a thrilling and memorable experience. This structure helps to promote physical development, coordination, and balance, as well as cognitive skills such as problem-solving and decision-making.

Overall, the upgraded Tangambalanga Swimming Centre playground offers a bright and exciting space for children to play and explore, while also promoting physical, cognitive, and social development. The playground’s thoughtful design, colorful features, and safe landing surfaces make it an ideal destination for families and a valuable asset to the community. It not only offers a fun and engaging experience for children but also provides a safe and comfortable environment where parents can relax and enjoy their time with their children. The playground is a testament to the Indigo Shire Council’s commitment to enhancing the community’s facilities and providing an enjoyable and safe environment for children.

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Tangambalanga Swimming Centre, Indigo

  • Upgraded by Indigo Shire Council
  • Designated areas for younger and older children ensure safe play for all
  • Many interactive activities for children, including handball panel and Spinna
  • Installed over softfall mulch for safety
  • Includes swings and two individual structures
  • First structure designed for younger children with roll over bar, dashboard panel, word panel, bubble clock panel, cargo rope net, steering panel, fire pole, and straight purple slide
  • Second structure designed for older children with Hang N Glide, Roman Rings, larger aluminum platform, rung joiner, Telescope panel, web wall, roll over bar, and purple wave slide
  • Promotes physical, cognitive, and social development in children
  • Provides a safe and exciting environment for children to play and have fun
  • A colorful and exciting attraction in the area and a valuable asset to the community.

The Spinna is a circular platform that is rotated by ‘cranking’ the centre pole.  The user stands on the platform and cranks the offset handle/pole forcing the unit to spin.  The platform disc is made from heavy duty trilaminate plastic and the pole is powder coated galvanised steel.

Catering for the developing needs of all children, SafePlay playgrounds offer a diverse range of active and passive play choices.

Providing a balanced array of activities is paramount when catering for children. Their diverse range of physical abilities demands that equipment be capable of allowing children to extend their skills. The inclusion of passive play zones and areas where adults can interact is also important.

Keeping playgrounds interesting and fun for older children can be a significant challenge. By including a range of play activities with graduated levels of physical challenge as well as spaces for socialising or just hanging out, older children have the increased incentive for play and social interaction.

Manufactured by Australia’s largest Playground Company, FORPARK AUSTRALIA, our equipment is designed to comply with Australian Standards and is built to last using powder coated uprights, platforms, and components. The fittings are manufactured from various materials including powder coated galvanised steel, roto-moulded plastics, and rope items which are wrapped in a fire-resistant nylon braid.

Made in Australia.

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