Tarneit Rise Primary School

Welcome to Tarneit Rise Primary School! We are thrilled to introduce our brand new playground, designed to provide endless fun and excitement for their students.

Our playground in Wyndham City Council features two towering structures, each equipped with exciting slides for maximum enjoyment. The first tower boasts a 1.6 meter slide, complete with a fire pole for added adventure. The second tower features a 1.2 meter double wave slide and easily accessible via stairs for all students to enjoy also enjoy making music with the stainless steel drums.

We are thrilled to announce that we have already been engaged to design a second playground for the school, and we can’t wait for the students to experience even more exciting play opportunities.

Come join in on the fun at Tarneit Rise Primary School!

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Tarneit Rise Primary School’s playground offers a range of exciting challenges and equipment for students to enjoy, including two towers with slides, a fire pole, monkey bars, roll over bars and a flying fox. The playground is designed to provide endless fun and excitement for students, and its benefits include promoting physical activity, encouraging social interaction, developing fine and gross motor skills, and fostering creativity and imagination. The school also already engaged to design a second playground, providing more opportunities for students to have fun and engage in physical activity.

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