The Parkway, Pakenham

The Parkway, Pakenham community project in Cardinia Shire Council stands as a remarkable testament to the power of collaboration between your team and the residents. This project’s success can be attributed to the meticulous consideration of the community’s specific requests and preferences. Here’s a detailed overview of the project’s key components:

  • Combination Unit with Timber Elements: Incorporating a combination unit with timber elements was a strategic decision that played a crucial role in maximizing play value while maintaining safety standards. By including features like a spiral slide within a compact footprint, you successfully created an engaging play area that prioritized safety without compromising on fun.
  • Diverse Play Features: The Parkway project offers a wide range of play features, including ‘S’ Monkey Bars, a Wave Slide, Timber Panels, Rock Wall Climbers, Cargo Nets, and Roll Over Bars. This diverse selection caters to the varying interests and abilities of children, ensuring inclusivity and engagement across different age groups and skill levels.
  • Swing Set with Rubber Surface: The thoughtful addition of a swing set with a strap and toddler seat reflects your commitment to safety and accessibility. By seamlessly integrating the swing set with the footpath through a rubber surface, you’ve created a safe and comfortable environment for children to enjoy swinging activities with peace of mind.
  • Collaborative Approach: The success of the Parkway project underscores the importance of collaboration between your team and the community. By actively listening to residents’ needs and preferences, you were able to design a playground that not only meets safety standards but also exceeds expectations by providing an exciting and inclusive play environment.

In conclusion, the Parkway community project exemplifies how collaboration and community engagement can lead to the development of innovative and inclusive recreational spaces. Congratulations on the successful completion of this project, which undoubtedly benefits residents of all ages and abilities in the Cardinia Shire Council area.

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The Parkway, Pakenham

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