Wheelers Hill Primary School

Wheelers Hill Primary School just got an upgrade with not one, but three playgrounds installed in different areas around the school! The first playground is a sensory area that is like a musical wonderland for kids. With musical pipes that make magical sounds, talk tubes for kids to whisper to across the playground and bright and colorful orbs to balance on or sit, this playground is a sensory feast for children.

The second playground is a one-platform tower that will challenge kids’ sense of adventure. With a tube net to climb, fire pole to slide down, rockwall climber and spider web, this playground is perfect for kids who love to explore and conquer new challenges. The bright yellow posts and fantastic yellow curved roof and blue steel elements make this playground look like a blast of sunshine and fun.

The final playground and the biggest one, is a playground track that will test children’s endurance and speed. It features monkey bars, spider web, wobble walkers and roman triangles, where kids can time how quickly they can complete it and race their friends. This playground is perfect for kids who love to test their physical abilities and see how fast they can go. The playground track is a perfect combination of excitement, adventure and fun!

All of these playgrounds are designed to bring excitement, fun and adventure to the children at Wheeler’s Hill Primary School located in Monash City Council. With a wide range of equipment, they offer endless opportunities for children to play, challenge themselves and develop new skills.

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Wheelers Hill Primary School recently upgraded with three new playgrounds, each with unique equipment and design that offers endless opportunities for kids to play, challenge themselves and develop new skills. The playgrounds include a sensory area, a one-platform tower, and a playground track for speed and endurance challenges. They are designed to suit children of all ages and interests, providing an exciting and fun environment for students.

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