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The Doncaster Reserve in Doncaster East has been given a new lease of life with the addition of some incredible outdoor gym equipment, thanks to the Manningham City Council. This new ParkFit equipment is sure to keep fitness enthusiasts of all levels engaged and active.

The first piece of equipment is the oblique pivot, which is designed to help strengthen the oblique muscles in the abdomen. By standing on the footrests and holding onto the handles, users can twist their torso from side to side, engaging their core and improving their overall balance.

Next up, there are pull up bars, which are great for building upper body strength. Users can grip the bar and lift themselves up, using their arms and back muscles to perform the exercise.

The leg lift dip bar is another versatile piece of equipment, with two different exercises to try out. With the leg lift, users can strengthen their lower abdominal muscles by hanging from the bars and lifting their legs straight out in front of them. With the dip bar, users can work on their triceps and shoulder muscles by dipping down and back up.

The chin-ups is another great addition to the outdoor gym. Users can grip the bar with their palms facing towards them and lift themselves up, working on their biceps and upper back muscles.

Finally, there’s the sit up board, which is perfect for toning the abdominal muscles. By lying on the bench and lifting their upper body towards their knees, users can work on their core strength and improve their posture.

Outdoor gym equipment like this provides many benefits to those who use it. Not only does it offer a free and accessible way to exercise, but it also encourages people to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. By exercising outdoors, people can also boost their mental wellbeing, as research has shown that being in nature can reduce stress and improve mood.

Additionally, the equipment itself is designed to work on different muscle groups, helping users to build strength, increase flexibility, and improve overall fitness. By providing a range of exercises, outdoor gym equipment like this can be used by people of all fitness levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

Overall, the new ParkFit equipment at Doncaster Reserve, Doncaster East is a fantastic addition to the community, providing a safe and fun way for people to exercise, improve their health, and enjoy the great outdoors.

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Doncaster Reserve, Doncaster East – ParkFit

  • Doncaster Reserve in Doncaster East has new outdoor gym equipment thanks to Manningham City Council
  • The ParkFit equipment includes an oblique pivot, pull up bars, leg lift dip bar, chin-ups, and sit up board
  • The oblique pivot helps to strengthen the abdomen and improve balance
  • The pull up bars build upper body strength, working on arms and back muscles
  • The leg lift and dip bar offers two exercises to strengthen lower abdominal muscles, triceps, and shoulder muscles
  • The chin up bar works on biceps and upper back muscles
  • The sit up bench is perfect for toning abdominal muscles
  • Outdoor gym equipment encourages people to exercise outdoors, which can boost mental wellbeing and reduce stress
  • The equipment is designed to work on different muscle groups and can be used by people of all fitness levels.
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