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The new outdoor fitness area at Kardinia Park in City of Greater Geelong is an excellent addition to the community, and the Parkfit equipment offers a fun and effective way for people to exercise and stay healthy. Here are the benefits of each piece of workout equipment:

  1. Push up bars: Push ups are an excellent bodyweight exercise that works the chest, triceps, and shoulders. Push up bars allow for a greater range of motion, helping to strengthen the muscles more effectively and reducing stress on the wrists.
  2. Trapeze rings: These gymnastic rings are a challenging piece of equipment that can work every muscle in your body. They improve grip strength, upper body strength, and core stability.
  3. Chin up bars: Chin ups are an excellent exercise for building upper body strength, particularly in the back and biceps. They also work the forearms and help to improve grip strength.
  4. Sit up board: Sit ups are a classic abdominal exercise that strengthens the core muscles. The sit up board allows for proper form and support during the exercise, ensuring maximum benefit with minimal risk of injury.
  5. Back extension: The back extension machine targets the lower back muscles and helps to improve posture and reduce lower back pain.
  6. Leg lift dip bar: This combination machine allows for a variety of exercises that target the triceps, chest, shoulders, and abs. Leg lifts work the lower abs, while dips work the triceps and chest muscles.
  7. Vault bar: The vault bar is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for a range of exercises, such as pull ups, leg lifts, and hanging knee raises. It helps to build upper body strength and improves grip strength.
  8. Parallel bars: Parallel bars are commonly used for dips, which work the triceps, chest, and shoulder muscles. They also help to improve core stability and balance.
  9. Step ups: Step ups are a great cardio and leg exercise that target the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. They help to improve balance and coordination while also building lower body strength.

Overall, the Parkfit equipment at Kardinia Park offers a great variety of exercises for people of all fitness levels. The benefits of regular exercise are numerous, including improved physical health, mental wellbeing, and reduced risk of chronic diseases. The outdoor setting and fun equipment make exercise enjoyable and accessible for everyone in the community.

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Kardinia Park, Geelong – Parkfit

The City of Greater Geelong has installed a new outdoor fitness area at Kardinia Park, featuring Parkfit equipment such as push up bars, chin ups, trapeze rings, sit up board, back extension, leg lift dip bar, vault bar, parallel bars, and step ups. Each piece of equipment offers unique benefits, including improved strength, posture, and balance. The outdoor setting and fun equipment make exercise enjoyable and accessible for everyone in the community. A big thanks to the City of Greater Geelong for providing this fantastic new facility for the community.

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