Maffra Recreation Reserve – Parkfit

Thanks to Wellington Shire Council, Maffra Recreation Reserve now boasts fantastic Parkfit outdoor equipment! The reserve’s three stations have been updated in 2022 with even more equipment due to their popularity. The town is majority comprised of older individuals and the local osteo encourages everyone to use the equipment to improve their health and wellness. Personal trainers are also available to help people make the most out of the equipment and achieve their fitness goals.

The first station in your workout area is designed to target various muscle groups in your upper body and lower body. The butterfly press works your chest muscles, while the push ups helps strengthen your arms, shoulders, and back muscles. The back extension targets your lower back muscles and the leg press helps tone your legs and glutes.

The second station focuses on upper body strength training, with a variety of equipment to challenge different muscle groups. The pull up bars offer a great workout for your arms, shoulders, and back muscles, while the stretch station is designed to help improve your flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. The bench press is a classic exercise for building chest strength.

The third station is an excellent choice for those who want to work on their shoulders, legs, and core. The shoulder press will help you build strength in your shoulders and arms, while the step up exercise focuses on toning your legs. The leg lift dip bar helps strengthen your lower body and ideal for targeting your triceps and shoulder muscles. The sit up board allows you to work your abdominal muscles for a complete core workout.

By incorporating a variety of exercises into your workout routine, you can achieve a well-rounded fitness experience and target different muscle groups. This helps prevent boredom, improve your overall strength and flexibility, and reduce the risk of injury.


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Maffra Recreation Reserve – Parkfit

First Station:

  • Butterfly press for chest muscles
  • Push up bar for arm, shoulder and back muscles
  • Back extension for lower back muscles
  • Leg press for legs and glutes

Second Station:

  • Pull up bars for arm, shoulder and back muscles
  • Stretch station for flexibility
  • Bench press for chest strength

Third Station:

  • Shoulder press for shoulder and arm strength
  • Step up for leg toning
  • Leg lift Dip Bar for triceps and shoulder muscles
  • Sit up board for core workout.
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